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English Questions – Cloze Test 210

Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in Affairs Cloud.com. Here we are creating question sample in Cloze test, which is BASED ON IBPS & SBI PO/CLERK/LIC AAO/RRB, RBI, IPPB,SSC CGL EXAM and other competitive exams !!!

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Naathan, a successful lawyer in Manhattan, hardly seems like a candidate for sympathy. His midtown office is smart, his suit is natty and he earns a decent living (1) contracts and intellectual-property rights for players in the city’s dynamic entertainment industry. Divorced and in his late 40s, he speaks fondly of his teenage children and is (2) with his fiancée, whom he will marry in a few weeks’ time. His life is good, he assures me, and he is (3) in his career. So it is only with some hesitation that he admits something he has never discussed before, not even with his closest friends: “In the society that I live in, as a professional in New York City, I think it is easier being a woman than being a man.”
This is not to say that being a woman is easy, Nathan (4) adds. He understands why many are frustrated by “the way they are expected to do it all, to have a career and be moms, it’s a whole (5) bundle of things.” It’s just that few women seem to notice that men, too, are struggling with a similarly (6) bundle. “As the man, there’s this (7) expectation that I’m going to be the earner and the person who kills bugs and fixes things around the house. At the same time, I’m going to be responsive to feelings and helpful with cooking and the children and those kinds of things.” Unlike his two long-term female partners, who (8) personally rewarding careers that offered enough flexibility to be available to their children, Nathan felt (9) to pursue work that offered a pay cheque large enough to support a family. “For the last 20-plus years I’ve been chained to a desk,” he says. “I’m in a profession that I’m happy to be in, but if I were a 20-year-old and told I could do anything I wanted with my life, I’m not sure I’d be doing this.” Nathan speaks (10) of female friends who decided to leave their professional careers when they became mothers. “They weren’t perceived as failures. If anything, they were told ‘That’s so great, you’re choosing to be a mom, that’s the most important thing in the world.’ That is not an option open to men.”

  1. 1) persisting
    2) negotiating
    3) lamenting
    4) bemoan
    5) prevailing
    Answer & Explanation
  2. 1) delighted
    2) perched
    3) inhabited
    4) bewailed
    5) endured
    Answer & Explanation
  3. 1) descent
    2) dwelling

    3) thriving
    4) bivouac
    5) lingering

    Answer & Explanation
  4. 1) sojourn
    2) lodge
    3) hover
    4) deplore
    5) hastily
    Answer & Explanation
  5. 1) cling
    2) regret
    3) backsliding
    4) contradictory
    5) endure
    Answer & Explanation
  6. 1) outlast
    2) outlive
    3) diminution
    4) burdensome
    5) downturn
    Answer & Explanation
  7. 1) freeze
    2) bide
    3) tacit
    4) crepe
    5) ache
    Answer & Explanation
  8. 1) aided
    2) pursued
    3) squared
    4) wailed
    5) devolution
    Answer & Explanation
  9. 1) obliged
    2) decayed
    3) dwindling
    4) degeneracy
    5) contented
    Answer & Explanation
  10. 1) decrepitude
    2) enfeeblement
    3) enviously
    4) tarry
    5) comfortable
    Answer & Explanation
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