English Questions – Word Usage Set 28

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Welcome to Online English Section with explanation in AffairsCloud.com. Here we are creating question sample in Word Usage, which is BASED ON NEW PATTERN which have been asked in many banking exams recently.

In each of the following questions, a word has been used in sentences in four different ways. Choose the option corresponding to the sentence in which the usage of the word is INCORRECT or INAPPROPRIATE.

  1. Scrap
    1) I scribbled her address on a scrap of paper.
    2) he filled Sammy’s bowls with fresh water and scraps.
    3) between jobs he slept rough and lived on scraps.
    4) in addition to their own food, they must carry a scrap of up to eighty pounds.
    5) she was wearing a short black skirt and a tiny scrap of a top.
    Answer & Explanation
  2. Command
    1) a gruff voice commanded us to enter.
    2) he commanded a Hurricane squadron.
    3) the fortress commands the shortest Channel crossing.
    4) the clergy command great respect from the population.
    5) All of the above are correct usage
    Answer & Explanation
  3. Hurdle
    1) many would like to emigrate to the United States, but face formidable hurdles.
    2) an hurdle in the roof would get rid of the smoke.
    3) this was the final hurdle to overcome in the college’s bid for university status.
    4) this gelding hurdled fluently.
    5) a maze of individual hurdled pens.
    Answer & Explanation
  4. Antipathy
    1) she disliked any kind of unnecessary rudeness.
    2) I cannot defend a policy I candidly dislike.
    3) she viewed the other woman with dislike.
    4) I have the greatest Antipathy for all those involved in the project.
    5) I know all his likes and dislikes.
    Answer & Explanation
  5. Spirit
    1) we seek a harmony between body and spirit.
    2) I hope the team will build on this spirit of confidence.
    3) the spirit of the nineteenth century.
    4) the girl was spirited away before we got anywhere near her.
    5) All of the above are correct usage
    Answer & Explanation
  6. Regard
    1) she regarded London as her base.
    2) we regard these results as encouraging.
    3) he acted in regard of basic procedures.
    4) doctors are held in high regard by society.
    5) she was aware of his steady regard.
    Answer & Explanation
  7. Atrocity
    1) press reports detailed a number of atrocities.
    2) he observed conflict and atrocity around the globe.
    3) press reports detailed a number of atrocities.
    4) after an exchange of atrocities, I proceeded to outline a plan.
    5) a textbook which detailed war atrocities.
    Answer & Explanation
  8. Pacify
    1) the thought of questioning Toby Pacify him extremely.
    2) amendments have been added to appease local pressure groups.
    3) his action was seen as an attempt to appease critics of his regime.
    4) we give to charity because it appeases our guilt.
    5) I’d wasted a lot of money to appease my vanity.
    Answer & Explanation
  9. legitimate
    1) they have been given permission to run gambling halls, the only legitimate gambling in the area.
    2) the last legitimate Anglo-Saxon king.
    3) these are legitimate grounds for unease.
    4) the regime was not legitimated by popular support.
    5) All of the above are correct usage
    Answer & Explanation
  10. Finish
    1) they were straining to finish the job.
    2) his finish into the world of martial arts.
    3) he looked approvingly at the finished job.
    4) the war has finished but nothing has changed.
    5) some items were finished in a black lacquer.
    Answer & Explanation
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