IBPS SO(IT officer) Professional Knowledge Questions – Set 10

Dear Aspirants,
Welcome to the Professional Knowledge Section in Affairscloud.com. Here we are providing sample questions. It will be useful for the IBPS SO IT officer. We have also included some important questions that are repeatedly asked in previous exams.

  1. Concept of developing a compiler for a language by using subsets of the same language?
    A. Bootstrap
    B. Lex
    C. Yacc
    D. None of the Above
  2. System Calls are usually invoked by using ______
    A. Hardware Interrupt
    B. Software Interrupt
    C. Polling
    D. An Indirect jump
  3. A detective control is used to check if correct numbers are keyed in _______
    A. Sequence Check
    B. Manual Check
    C. Check digit
    D. None of the Above
  4. In object-oriented technology hiding the complexity of characteristics is called ________
    A. Inheritance
    B. Polymorphism
    C. Abstraction
    D. None of the Above
  5. _________ is a component of on-line shopping mall.
    A. Shopping Cart
    B. Customer databases
    C. Inventory Control systems
    D. All of the above
  6. Which of these e-commerce systems handle non-monetary documents?
    A. SWIFT
    B. EFTS
    C. EDI
    D. None of the above
  7. Which of the following is/are part(S) of EDI?
    A. Trading partners
    B. Data segment
    C. Encryption
    D. All of the above
  8. Which of the following is the job of a DNS?
    A. Name is displayed
    B. File is transferred
    C. IP address is displayed
    D. All of the above
  9. Which of these determines authorised sign in an EDI transaction?
    A. Spoofing
    B. Masking
    C. private key Cryptosystem
    D. Digital Signature
  10. _______ is associated with implementation of E-Commerce.
    A. Local Area Network
    B. Wireless LAN
    C. Value Added Network
    D. All of the above