Stratus: IBPS Clerk Course 2015 – Main Started

Countdown has started for IBPS CLERK Exam. So making your success as our goal AffairsCloud has come up with an online Stratus course for IBPS CLERK 2015 which is absolutely FREE for the aspirants.

Stratus - IBPS Clerk Course 2015


Our Course Contains two sections

  1. Material Section (Article Sections) And
  2. Test Section

Material Section:

Under this Section, We’ll guide you in solving quant, reasoning and english questions quickly by providing tips and tricks on each topic.We cover every topic thoroughly to nurture your knowledge and provide you the previous year’s question papers too. Following these materials will upgrade your marks.

And we’ll  interact with you  through our articles and posts to make sure that you are learning well.

We are your companions, for your journey to success.

Test Section:

We are going to conduct 3 types of tests

  1. Daily Tests(Daily Quizzes)
  2. Practice Tests ( Weekend Tests ) and
  3. Mock Tests

Daily Test:

There will be 10 questions daily from each of the 3 sections in 3 different posts i.e. 3 tests per day from Nov 5 to Nov 29. The tests will carry mixed questions from all the topics of the syllabus concerned to that section. Each test will carry 10 marks.
Mentor: AffairsCloud Mod’s

Practice Test:

we will provide 3 practice tests,which consists of  75 questions for each of the three sections.
Mentor: SBI PO Topper’s (Cleared People)

Mock Test:

Finally, there will be 3 complete mock tests from Nov 30 to Dec 2 as per the Clerk Standard.
Mentor: Experienced Bank instructor ( Chennai )   

Mark Calculation:

We are not going to track your marks but you  have to fill up your marks manually in the sheet provided from day 1 to day 30. For arriving at the final marks  out of a total of 100 marks, we will take –

  • 3 marks for each section from the daily quizzes of 10 marks each (25 quizzes) by converting the marks from 10*25 = 250. Like if you get 200 marks out of 250 in Quant section , your marks for daily quizzes will be 200/250 * 3 = 2.4 and same as with other two sections.
  • 7 marks for each section from the 3 practice tests of each section by converting the marks from 75*3 = 225
  • 25 marks for quant and reasoning sections and 20 marks for English section from the 5 mock tests

After having the course done you will get final marks out of 100 for the whole course. So, don’t miss a single day.

Kindly check the Sample Mark Sheet to understand better.

IBPS Clerk 2015 Prelims Course
IBPS Clerk 2015 Main Course

Note: Its Our Four month plan to implement the course, Finally we are here with right team. We hope this Course is unique in current Market.

  • Article & Test page links ll shared here, so Please bookmark it & Stay tune with us.
  • What is Stratus ??
Daily Test Timing
English6:00 PM
Reasoning7:00 PM
Quants8:00 PM

Course Learning Path


Prelims Daily Test
Main Daily Test
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